Seesaws, diving boards, ski jumps, slides-life comes with its share of ups and downs. And for the adventurous, on-the-go Rabbit, they’re simply par for the course. The creation of Jo Ham, whose art celebrates the magic of everyday life, Rabbit has been spotted everywhere from the Centre Pompidou in Paris to the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston and on mugs and nursery decorations in homes around the world. Now, with Uh-Oh! Rabbit and its companion title Yippee! Rabbit, the iconic black-silhouetted bunny appears for the first time in a series of children’s books-fun, playful, and irreverent stories in striking and stylish packages that beg for a place on children’s bookshelves.

About the Creators:

Jo Ham is a graduate of the University of Oxford's Ruskin School of Art, in England. She set up her eponymous studio in 2011 and has since collaborated with the Body Shop, Moncler, Mini, Choose Love, Eurostar, and Nike. She lives and works on a farm in rural Shropshire, England, with her husband and two young children.



Jo Ham


Jo Ham





Trim Size

7 x 7 in

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Age Range

3 – and up

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